Wrapping up Larger Languages

In this lesson we wrap up IMP++'s semantics and also generate its poster. While doing so, we also learn how to display larger configurations in order to make them easier to read and print.

Note that we rearrange a bit the semantics, to group the semantics of old IMP's constructs together, and separate it from the new IMP++'s semantics.

You can go even further and manually edit the generated Latex document. You typically want to do that when you want to publish your language definition, or parts of it, and you need to finely tune it to fit the editing requirements. For example, you may want to insert some negative spaces, etc.

Part 4 of the tutorial is now complete. At this moment you should know most of K framework's features and how to use the K tool. You can now define or design your own programming languages, and then execute and analyze programs.

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