Syntax of JSON

K provides builtin support for reading/writing to JSON. While the JSON-SYNTAX module is not precisely the syntax of JSON (utilizing K's syntax for strings, integers, and floating point numbers rather than the syntax used by JSON), you can still convert directly to/from the actual syntax of JSON using the JSON2String and String2JSON hooks.

    imports INT-SYNTAX
    imports STRING-SYNTAX
    imports BOOL-SYNTAX
    imports FLOAT-SYNTAX

    syntax JSONs   ::= List{JSON,","}      [klabel(JSONs)      , symbol]
    syntax JSONKey ::= String
    syntax JSON    ::= "null"              [klabel(JSONnull)   , symbol]
                     | String | Int | Float | Bool
                     | JSONKey ":" JSON    [klabel(JSONEntry)  , symbol]
                     | "{" JSONs "}"       [klabel(JSONObject) , symbol]
                     | "[" JSONs "]"       [klabel(JSONList)   , symbol]

Conversion between JSON and String

Given a string written in valid JSON, you can convert it to the JSON sort with the String2JSON function. Assuming the user has not extended the syntax of the JSON sort with their own constructors, any term of sort JSON can also be converted to a String using the JSON2String function.

module JSON
    imports JSON-SYNTAX

    syntax String ::= JSON2String(JSON) [function, hook(JSON.json2string)]

    syntax JSON ::= String2JSON(String) [function, hook(JSON.string2json)]